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Gone are the days of boring CPE/CPD. Courses are fun, engaging and entertaining as they are designed by former accountants and feature speakers who are active in the accounting industry sharing their real-world experiences.

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Discover a Better Way to Earn CPE/CPD

We’re glad you’re here! Are you tired of cramming in stale and boring CPE/CPD content as your registration deadline approaches? Check out this sneak peek into the entertaining CPE/CPD eligible courses waiting for you when you join FloQademy. FloQademy collaborates with industry experts to create a variety of technical and non-technical content you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you are tuning in to accounting best practices or personal development, we guarantee you will be engaged. Courses are free, always on, and available to all.

Unmatched Range of Technical
and Non-Technical Topics

Best Practices

Hear from industry experts on effective accounting best practices and proven methods for handling financial tasks to ensure accuracy, compliance, and informed decision-making.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • ASC 842 Webinar: Get back on Track before the Audit
  • The Controller’s Guidebook and Accountants in the Spotlight
  • The Q2 Close, Countless Concerns, and Compliance Chat

Finance Technology

Understand technical advancements that have transformed finance and accounting operations. These innovations continue to evolve and reshape the accounting profession.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • Technology Made to Scale, Charging for Crying, and The Present State of A.I.
  • Mastermind Panel: CPA Content Creators
  • Top Tech Trends, The Dark Side of A.I., and Danny Trejo


Foster personal growth and career advancement with topics covering leadership, mental health, stress management, and other skills contributing to well-rounded personal development.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • Work Culture, Mental Health, and Stress
  • Managing Workload, Busy Season, and Corporate Culture
  • Being Productive and Finding Motivation to Succeed

Business News
& Current Events

Discover the latest developments shaping the realm of finance and accounting, such as updates in financial regulations, shifts in accounting standards, and more.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • The Collapse of SVB – A Special Episode From The Inside
  • Summer Economic Loving and The Next Accounting Prodigy

Entertaining Thought Leadership


A podcast co-hosted by FloQast CEO Mike Whitmire, discussing trending news in the accounting and fintech world.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • Accounting Guidance on Crypto, Banks Taking Heat, and TikTok Troubles
  • ChatGPT Takes the CPA Exam
  • The Tech Economy, CPA Elevation, and Accounting Safe from A.I. (For Now)


A podcast-style interview with a fresh perspective on public accounting life, showcasing experiences from current and former auditors.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • Audit Trails with Mike Whitmire, FQ CEO + CoFounder
  • Audit Trails with Lea Atienza
  • Audit Trails with Angelica Tan


A panel of former or current auditors sharing insights into their experiences in the public accounting realm.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • The Pros and Cons of Remote Working
  • Staying Healthy in the Profession
  • Taking Ownership and Advocating for Yourself

Blood, Sweat,
& Balance Sheets

Podcast co-hosted by FloQast CEO Mike Whitmire, highlighting individuals making material impacts in finance and accounting.

Here is a sample of courses you will find:

  • Building the Perfect Accounting Team: A Conversation With Controller of the Year Ashley Griesshammer
  • The CFO, Revisited: How Should Finance Execs and CEOs Be Collaborating

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“FloQademy provides relevant and engaging material that helps me feel more prepared to tackle the ever-changing finance and accounting world. The CPE courses are some of the most entertaining and helpful courses I have ever viewed. I plan to use FloQademy as a CPE resource for years to come!”

Katie Murrey

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“You guys get it! Keep creating content and providing CPE. Really love this offering!”

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“Very engaging content. Informative while making me laugh.”

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“I turned off my music and decided to take a course, and I’m glad I did.”

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